Need to write an article for a magazine? Website copy? A brochure?

You know what you need to say and how to say it. So how hard can it be to string a few words together?

But here you are, still sitting in front of a blank screen. Time is ticking and the words are just not flowing.

Why call me?
Because this is what I do, everyday, all the time. I know how to get the words flowing, and which ones to combine together so your message will have maximum impact. The clearer your message is, the faster you will get results.

How do I plan do it?
With a super-fast computer, a big fat dictionary and lots of coffee to keep me going.

How will you meet me?
You don't need to. With phones and the internet being what they are, I can have your words back to you without ever seeing what you look like.
Great, no travel costs!

Speaking of which....

How much is it all going to cost you?
It depends on what you need written and how soon you need it. The good news is, you will always know upfront what you will pay.